A poem

If I should be a poem
I would dedicate my verse
To the imponderability of nothingness.
I would search to praise it
For giving the chance for “something” to exist.

Something is not Everything,
Jut like Nothing is not Everything;
Where the boundary lies, I cannot say;
But maybe they are meant to coexist,
Blended within each other,
Like Water and Air,
Like Love and Hate,
Like Silence and Noise.

If I should be a bird
I’d flip my wings just because I’d have them,
Just so I could move into a state
Of perpetual grace and freedom,
To give and receive the unmistakable truth
Of the lightness that surrounds our borders.
To testify that beyond the borders of rebellion
There is the fulfillment of unstoppable motion –
Floating into the great beyond,
Like a demented fool who knows no other reality.


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