MADONNA, reloaded

The result of a 3-month branding project with the purpose of repositioning the brand MADONNA for the 13 year-olds.

Team members:

  • Thomas Dotinga
  • Ilze Balina
  • Karen van Gelder
  • Jossie Hunting
  • Sabina Baciu

Realized with the help and guidance of the Arnhem Business School lecturers – Antoine van den Berg and Kees van het Hof.


On the 19th of May I presented the Madonna project to a panel of professors from partner universities of Arnhem Business School. The presentation actually got 3rd place in what they call the ABS Talent Awards and it made quite an impression. The Arnhem Business School will issue a news release mentioning our achievement within the next weeks.

If you want to take a look at the presentation, visit

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