Statistics and the brain midgets

A good friend of mine (Paul Nistor), recently engaged me in a discussion about Statistics and bravely stated that “Statistics is known to cause an exponential growth to the number of midgets on your brain”. This, of course, coming after his long years spent dealing more or less directly with this work field.

You might wonder what the “midgets” are though… Well, everybody sees these “brain midgets” in a different way. Some say they’re the result of repetition and habit in judgment, which causes the well-known “prejudice”; although this is a sort of intellectual, unique prejudice that makes people act in their own crazy ways, according to the secret world and scale of values they have created for themselves.

My view of the midgets is a bit more poetical, but nonetheless abstract: I think the midgets are those tiny scars left on your brain every time you feel or experience a crack in the order of things or in your own judgment. Every time something does not fit in the sense of reality, or when thoughts crack open to let you see another… point of view? And the fun of it is that the scars move, interconnect with each other and so the midgets move to a further state of development. The more midgets there are already, the more you’re likely to get in the future.

But hey, it’s hard to live with the midgets…. let alone accompany a person who has more midgets than you. But what person that does not think “ignorance is bliss” has ever taken the easy way out? And so I say: don’t fight the midgets and don’t keep them out. They will come in, either way.


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