That internal body clock has a dry sense of humor

Why is it that some people will do anything to get another hour of sleep after 7 or 8 AM, while others can’t stand waking up late? I have fine examples of specimens from both categories.

For me, the difference between night sleep and morning sleep is like the difference between strawberries grown in the green house and grandma’s strawberries from the garden behind the house. The latter is so sweet that you just lose your senses into bliss, dozing off and not minding that you might even get a nightmare (or “daymare”?) or two in the process. And oh, it comes with lots of dreams, too. Active, beautiful dreams, full of action, chasing, thrill, danger, and yes, in some of those lucky dreams, even flying, floating and falling (yes! adrenaline while sleeping!).

I’ve heard friends saying it’s just a question of getting used to waking up early or late. Well, I cannot agree. Seems like the internal clock tells you when you’re supposed to get the sweetest sleep and when you’re only “passing the time” sleeping, doing your duty to your body. Because the difference is well noticeable, as well. And I suppose only the “late sleepers” are aware of it… Isn’t that funny? I guess that internal clock has a dry sense of humor after all…


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