My home is in my shoes

I was recently having a conversation with Gerard and Fulco about traveling, when Gerard made a very true statement: “My home is in my shoes.” At least true for some of us…

I wonder what makes people travel around in search of something else, something new, something that satisfies their curiosity. Because I am one of those people. I can feel at home wherever I go, no matter how far or strange the place is. The place does not matter much. It’s just like a temporary state of equilibrium, driven by the constant adaptation and reevaluation between people and their motivations. The place is just a context where friendships form or break, families come together or go apart, people get old or grow younger.

And still, most of the value of a place is in the eye of the beholder and depends on the novelty of it. Whenever we get used to looking at the same place every day, we don’t even recognize its virtues anymore. As soon as the place that surrounds us becomes a habit, jut like everything in our lives, it stops being interesting and motivating. This is probably why some of us spend their lives looking for change, and since we cannot change ourselves that often, we tend to change the places around us. That is the real consistency of the perpetual change.


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