The Everything and the Nothing

What makes things vibrate?

It is common knowledge that every particle has its own frequency and that everything “vibrates”. It is not so strange then to consider why human beings like music and why they consider it one of the most complex manifestations of the human spirit. Music IS vibration itself. So it seems that while we make music, we feel more “in tune” with the rest of existence. We “vibrate” along…

The quizzical mind will then ask: “What happens with all these individual particles vibrating? What makes  them keep vibrating altogether?” Perhaps I look at this from a slightly philosophical perspective, but I like to think that everything vibrates because it NEEDS to. The inexplicable need for people to always want what they don’t have. For mountains to rise and cancel the sea. For water to come tumbling down the hill, “needing” to fill up that empty valley. All things seem to “need” to reach for what they don’t have.

And here’s the twist: that never happens. The entire power of this constantly moving “Everything” stays in its inability to fulfill its needs. So it is, in fact, a very “imperfect” system, and its imperfection is what keeps things going and moving.

And now I go back to one of my old debates: is there a “Nothing”?

When I was a kid I saw this really great movie called “The Never-ending Story”, where the hero was fighting the forces of “Nothing”. And a bit later on, when I was very much into philosophy, I came to the conclusion that the “Nothing” cannot actually exist, because it contradicts all the rules of existence. Even naming it “Nothing” is Something. I was very much upset with the whole world back then, for inventing such a stupid word that expresses something that doesn’t exist.

Now I’m not so sure I was right.

Because this whole “Something” we live in and we call “Everything” might not be everything. Since the need of this Everything is to gain something it doesn’t have, I would suspect that that something is the “Nothing”.

Following this line of thought, the “black holes” that nobody can see but we all know are there, might also be some kind of evidence that our visible world that we call “Everything” has a constant need to reach towards the “Nothing”. The “Nothing” might be governed by no needs at all and might be in a perpetual state of equilibrium.

So where does that live us? Will the tendency of our “Everything” to become part of “Nothing” mean that the scientists are right? That sometime in the distant future the universe will be a cold dark place of “Nothing”? Well, that is probably up to every person’s optimism.

I, for one, tend to believe that the tendency of the “Everything” to always need what it doesn’t have is a “failsafe” for our whole existence. Because once “Everything” is part of “Nothing” it will need nothing less than to NOT be part of Nothing.

But one thing is sure: I’m now heading home to play my piano, to make some music and rejoice in the existence of our constantly vibrating “Everything”.  🙂


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