The useless, plastic STUFF you get from Albert Heijn campaigns

So I go to Albert Heijn yesterday, I buy a bunch of stuff and at the “kassa” they ask me if I am saving for I don’t know what promotion. I tell them no, I’m not saving, but the bored girl at the register hands me 3 shiny plastic packages. I take them, just to be polite.

I get home, I forget about those plastic packages, and the next day I rummage through my bag in search of my wallet, when I find them! the 3 shiny plastic bags! Well, my curiosity was piqued, so I open one and find… surprise! a plastic yellow pepper. I think this must be something for kids, like Kinder surprises, but I look at the thing and it’s not really something one would play with.

I decide to open the second bag. Surprise again! I get a PLASTIC miniature of an Apple mouse jar. I am stupefied.
Moving to the third bag, I find… a PLASTIC miniature of an Ariel detergent container! I am really becoming annoyed!

I mean, these dudes from Albert Heijn’s communication department just decided that a campaign that involves tons of useless, ugly, not-even-for-kids PLASTIC STUFF would be really good for their sales! Just imagine the amount of useless plastic they produced, if they just hand out one of these objects to every person who spends more than 10 Eur in their store!

Way to go, Albert Heijn! That’s exactly what we need in this world: MORE PLASTIC STUFF.


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