“The Wall”


I’ve recently been to the latest Roger Waters “The Wall” performance in Arnhem. And I’m calling it a “performance” or a “show”, because this is what it was. It was not a music concert, like it used to be when Pink Floyd were together. Its value was not in the music, which, I have to say, was merely mediocre as far as quality goes.

The real value of the show was its message. And how the message was projected into reality. The show was a 3D “projection” in the true sense of the word. Its power stood in imagery and the feelings it evoked.

But we have to ask ourselves: could Roger Waters have achieved the same effect 10 years ago? Most surely not. Today’s technology made it possible for this performance to come alive, grab the spectator by his shoulders and shake him well into┬áconsciousness. The whole show was a work of art, a combination of graphics and holographic images that were simply genious. The whole experience was as emotional as it was mind-boggling. In my case, it actually managed to be a wake-up call.

Even today, every person who watches the original movie “The Wall” understands different things. And that’s the way it should be as well. The meaning of an art piece is in the eyes and mind of the spectator. And the message brought by the movie in 1979 for the first time is still as valid today as it was then. I could even say it has more relevance nowadays, when consumerism has driven us in such a state of “comfortable numbness” that we aren’t even aware of it anymore. We have built numerous walls around us, but the reality is out there. Or in here. Depending on your angle.

The latest performance from Roger Waters was “wall-breaking”. It shattered some of the walls I had built around me, and that, I think, is the real achievement of the masterpiece.

Well done, Roger. And well done to the whole creative team backing you up and making this art performance happen.

[You can find some photos here. I for one, did not bother with taking photos with my phone camera, I just enjoyed the show ­čÖé ]

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